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Your (Amazing!) Unfinished Projects (free)

Watch This!
This big replay box below is a free audio/webinar called You and Your (Amazing) Unfinished Projects – especially designed for the creative procrastinator – click to begin & get unstuck now! Watch & listen as I answer the following questions from the webcast:

“I’m having anxiety about moving from the idea stage to the writing stage. I started your 15 minute a day plan a week ago, and it’s helping, but can’t bring myself to start the chapter. How do I push through that fear? “ – Ella, USA

“What if your projects are sooooooooo big and grandiose and overwhelming, but REAL within?” – Daniel, CA

“You. Are. So. Brilliant… Oh My God.” – Patti, VT

“Here’s my problem: I’ve got a few things that I’d love to do, but have one BIG pain-in-the-butt, totally-can’t-stand-it, but-have-to-do-it anyway thing to get done. What I end up doing, though, is nothing because I’m not doing what I SHOULD be doing, and shouldn’t do the ‘fun’ things until the ‘work’ is done. I’m sick of punishing myself, but don’t know where to start! “ – Julie, British Columbia, Canada

“Thanks so much Sam! So helpful. “ – Patricia, Colorado

“Thanks for helping me re-connect and offering some great reflection questions. “ – Dove, CA

Plus all kinds of great info about:

– why you’re not moving forward NOW

– how to know whether your Unfinished Project is really, truly WORTH IT

– My #1 simple step to INSTANTLY transform your thinking and actions – yee-ha!


Click on the player to listen or right-click to download the audio-only MP3

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