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Get Your Work Out There

Steve Harper photographed by Mark BenningtonSamantha Bennett - photo by Mikel Healey

Remember - The World Needs Your Art

Samantha Bennett of The Organized Artist Company.com and Steve Harper of Your Creative Life.com invite you to

Get Your Work Out There

Do you have a great idea just sitting in a drawer?

Are you ready to FINALLY make your move?

The World Needs Your Good Work - image

“Great job! You two work well together – and the call was, as promised, chock full of practical tips. Now I must go attend to that pretty package that is jumping up and down in my brain!” – Beatrice Briggs, Tepotzlan, Mexico

Dear Creative Genius,

So, What’s Your Project?

You’re job hunting…..You want to submit your book proposal…..You’ve got a fabulous new business idea…..You’re launching your Etsy shop…..You’ve got your blog going – now what?…..You’re ready to find the right agent….. …You are on the verge of starting your coaching business…..You’ve developed a new workshop….. Your website is up, but you’re not getting any traffic… Your demo CD is gathering dust…..Self-publishing is starting to look like a great idea…..You’re seeking a gig, a gallery, a fan base…..You’ve had this one great idea for years and years but you haven’t done anything with it…..

So, Why Aren’t You Moving Forward Already?

You’re scared (well, of course you’re scared!)

You’re not sure it’ll be worth the effort.

You’ve got fifty “next steps” and aren’t sure which one should really be next.

You’ve lost momentum.

Your perfectionism is killing you.

You’re tired of trying so hard and not getting anywhere.

We know. We’ve been there.

And we have the answer! (Well, not all the answers, of course, but we’ve devised this really great NEW system that’s especially designed for people just like you – people who are ready to succeed and just need a little push.)

Register Now For This Fun and HUGELY Practical Live Event

WHO: You and Creativity/Productivity Specialists Samantha Bennett and Steve Harper

WHAT: One mind-blowing seminar

WHEN: Wednesday, August 31st from 11:45am-1pm (Pacific)

You can listen live on the phone or via streaming audio on the web (perfect for our International friends!) and PLUS we’ll be sure to send you the downloadable recording.

We can’t wait to share:
• the ONE easy step that will instantly ROCKET-FUEL your project
• the THREE MISTAKES you’re making that are holding you back (wait ’til you hear!)
• the sure-fire strategy to get you ENTHUSIASTIC about your project again – even if it’s been on your list for years and years and years!
• PLUS we’ll be doing some live hot-seat Q & A on the call, so bring your knottiest problems, OK?

“Steve Harper is a dynamic workshop leader whose presence inspires intimacy and deep work. Highly recommended!” – Eric Maisel, Ph.D., Creativity for Life, ericmaisel.com

Between the two of them, Samantha and Steve have more intelligence, compassion and insight than any teaching pair I’ve ever known. I am SO signing up for this!– Amy Ahlers, Master Coach, Wake Up Call Coaching.com

“Working with Steve gave me exactly what I needed – clarity and direction…Steve’s support, positive energy and incisive questions allowed me to get ‘unstuck’ and find the answers I needed.” – Laura Ekstrand, Artistic Director, Dreamcatcher Rep. Theatre

Samantha, You nailed several major issues for me, getting me off the dime and out of paralysis, for which I thank you heartily. Now that I have dollars coming in again, I’d like to move on to the real deal. Do you accept American Express?” – Veronica Perry, Veronica Perry & Associates

“Samantha is truly inspiring and totally awesome. Working with her was the best thing I’ve done for myself as a writer and artist, EVER. I’ll be here to hear what new yumminess she has to offer. Join me!!!” – Patti Frankel, Inner Wisdom Exploration.com

So, Who Is Steve Harper?

steve harper photo

Yale, Harvard, Hollywood

Steve’s mission is to inspire creative people to celebrate their work and support themselves through practical tools and strategies. That means more clear goal setting, more ease, more rest, and better work – for all of us.

Steve went to Yale as an undergrad, the A.R.T. at Harvard for acting school and studied playwriting at Juilliard. But after graduation he realized that NO ONE taught him to move forward into career abundance while remaining sane and optimistic.

Today Steve is a professional actor and writer with a passion and commitment for coaching people who want to pursue their creative work while keeping a healthy balance between their professional and personal lives.

He started coaching in 2008 and has studied extensively with Eric Maisel and The Creativity Coaching Association. Bottom line: he’s been busy.

So, Who Is Samantha Bennett?

Samantha Bennett photographed by Mikel Healey

Poet, Actor, Writer, Infusionsoft 2010 Ultimate Marketer Finalist

Samantha Bennett is the creator of The Organized Artist Company – a business she has built from scratch, DOUBLING her revenue in each of the last three years (yes – in “this” economy). She was named the 2010 Ultimate Marketer Finalist by Infusionsoft and has produced two books in the past 12 months: “By The Way, You Look Really Great Today” and “365 Reasons To Write.”

Still a working actor, writer and teacher in Los Angeles, Samantha has also written several plays, including, “Kiss The Monster,” “Miss Millicent’s Fall Recital” and “In A Booth At Chasen’s.”

As an alumni of The Second City in Chicago, Samantha is known for her quick wit, and her 12 years as a professional Personal Branding Specialist with Sam Christensen Studios has given her an uncanny ability to help people recognize and capitalize on their own brilliance.

This Is Not Some One-Size-Fits-All-System…

Whether you want to…

    • finish a personal or creative project
    • make your life a more vibrant, creative place
    • just feel better about yourself

…..This teleseminar is for YOU!

And it’s not one big sales pitch, either – 
this call is jam-packed with REAL-LIFE use-right-now strategies – 
you will have a breakthrough during this event!

[divider_bar]Intuitive. Insightful. Genius.
Let it out of the house already, OK?
You’re done pondering. It’s time for ACTION.

Need a little more reassurance that THIS teleclass is actually going to be worth your time?

Well, here are some class responses from the last Get Your Work Out There event…

“Commitment-Oriented, Fantabulous & Confidence-Builders” – S. Hathcock

“Inspiring, Informative, Supportive” – C. Hanson

“Productive, Appreciative, Adventurous”  – A. Patten

“The Program is Fun and Moves You Forward” – S. Konrath

“Sam & Steve ROCK!” – A. Scott

Yes. This Is Going To Be Fun.

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