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By The Way, You Look Really Great Today

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  • The Ode To The Overwhelmed
  • A Prayer For The Capable
  • In Praise Of The Exuberant
  • Oh, Those Last Ten (…Or Twenty…) Pounds
  • Ode To The Entrepreneur
  • In Praise Of The Grumpy
  • And MORE!

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Rave Reviews for “In Praise of The Capable”

That is one of the most beautiful things I have ever read! That is positively eerie that I have been feeling lately like “How come we people who show up on time and prepared don’t seem to get the rewards?” I believe the universe rewarded me with these words from you today to remind me that – what I am doing is a REWARD. Thank you for writing this- your friend is very lucky and I am very lucky that you shared it with me. I will share it. But really it is most applicable to ME ME ME. 🙂 PS It’s like you looked in my purse too! – R. A., Award-Winning Actor/Comedian

I just wanted to thank you for passing this along. I have forwarded it to several friends, and many have written back, saying things like “this made my day” or “thanks so much for passing this along” and my personal favorite “I felt very tired this morning, but your email consoled my tired body and soul.” Thanks for giving me the chance to do that for them! – A. A., Yale Graduate School

This absolutely made me cry and touched a place in my heart that rarely sees sunlight. Thank you so much. – C. G., Executive Coach

It is a beautifully conceived and written piece. Thanks, I will indeed share it. – T. A., Best-Selling Author

I wish I could find better words than amazing and remarkable. But they are truly the best I can come up with right now…This is one of the most moving pieces I’ve every read. Maybe because I decided you were speaking directly to me, and it felt so good to be recognized in this way. (how did you know I ALWAYS return my shopping carts?) I was completely tear’ing up while laughing out loud. You give ordinary everyday words such authority & power. I can’t wait to share this with my dear ones, who deserve to read this. I know it will resonate in their souls like it does in mine. What ever means better than exceptional and beyond extraordinary, That is you sweet Sam. PS. I also read your work to my sweet mama. She has fallen in love with you and cannot wait to meet you, – U.C., Office Manager

Yeah.!!! It’s about time we get some respect. It’s hard work for which we — the capable –have dedicated our lives and suffered many insipid, inane, and asinine snipes from those intractable recalcitrants who, at best, lack imagination and, at worse, procreate. Seriously, though, thank you for this contribution to those who have sacrificed a lifetime to make a difference. Excellent piece of writing from Sam. – O.C., Grandfather

LOVE this! and needed it! – K.B., Entrepreneur

Beautiful!!!! – A.A., Author and Teacher

That is a really important poem, Samantha. Well done. I look forward to sharing it with many. Thank you. – L. Z., Painter

I love it. It’s so well written – you have a gift with words and should write more 🙂 By the way, I LOVE your blog – again well written, clever, funny, insightful, etc… – M.D, Physician’s Assistant

Well Sam, You made me cry! Thank you for noticing. And what a great poet/writer you are. To paraphrase William Faulkner’s acceptance speech for the Nobel prize for literature, what makes great literature is whether it touches the human heart. You have done so. – W.W., Psychic

I don’t think we actually know each other but you seem to know me very well! I am a super-duper over-achiever multi-tasking hyphen-user. This is a great Prayer, thank you. My mom put the poem up at her hospital- you’ve gained a fan in NJ. ~K.A.L., Singer

This is fantastic!!! – S.S., Celebrity Personal Aassistant

Thanks Sam!! That was wonderful and really made my day. I did send it along to some friends – It is my most reliable and quiet friends birthday today so it was very special timing. – C.B., USC Professor

Thank you for saying those words. They are so well said. They certainly capture the feeling that goes along with those of us who try to “keep the boat afloat.” I will share them with others. – E.S., Musician, Age 89

Thank you so much for that. I felt like it was written just for me. Oh, except for the part about the high-fiber bar; I’d be more likely to have a grilled chimichurri-marinated skirt steak sandwich with manchego cheese, heirloom tomatoes and frisee on a rosemary ciabatta roll in my bag. But I’m just just splitting hairs here… Seriously though, thank you for sharing that with me. It really made me feel good:) – B.S., Chef

Thanks for that. It was a lovely poem. Being the straight man is the toughest, most thankless job on earth, be it in comedy or life. – H.S., Television Star

Good stuff. When you have a prayer for the incapable let me know 🙂 – H.P., Writer

P.S. Because these are snippets of spontaneous, unrequested emails sent in response to the first “By The Way, You Look Really Great Today” poem, I don’t have permission to quote the people involved, which is why they are identified only by their initials. Thanks for understanding – Sam.

Includes all your favorite poems PLUS some new works:

  • A Prayer For The Capable
  • An Ode To The Overwhelmed
  • How’s The Weather Up There?
  • In Praise Of The Oversensitive
  • In Praise Of The Grumpy
  • In The Locker Room Of The Women-Only Gym
  • A Prayer For The Hoping Against Hope
  • (The Ghost Parrot)
  • Ode To The Entrepreneur, or, Oh, You American Dreamer
  • In Praise Of The Exuberant
  • Those Last Ten (…Or Twenty…) Pounds

Here are some of your favorites:

Click the audio player to listen to “A Prayer for the Capable” read by the author

[audio:http://sambennett.wpengine.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/08/Prayer-for-Capable-final-B.mp3|titles=Prayer for the Capable]

A Prayer For The Capable

And as you stand there
On time and
Appropriately clad for the event
With a high-fiber bar in your bag
And extra pens
Let us take this moment to applaud you.

You, the prepared.
You, the accomplished.
You, the bills-paid-on-time and the-taxes-done-in-March.
You, who always returns the shopping cart.
You, who never throws a tantrum.

While the moody, the irresponsible, the near-hysterical and the rude seem to get
All the attention
Let us now praise you.

Just because everyone always expects you
To do well
Does not make it any less remarkable
That you always do so well.

So thank you.

For picking up the slack
For not imposing
For being so kind
And mannerly
And attending to all those pesky details.

Thank you for your consideration
Your generosity
For always remembering and never forgetting:

That a job well done is its own reward
That the opportunity to help someone else is a gift
That the complainers, the cry-babies, the drama queens, the never-use-a-turn-signals, the forgetful, the self-involved, the choleric, the phlegmatic and the your-rules-don’t-apply-to-me-types
Need you to rebel against in order to look like rebels.

(You provide the lines – for without the lines, what would they color outside of?)

So take a minute
To pat yourself on the back
And say, “Job well done.”
And as you consider someday
Showing up stoned
Or unprepared
Or not at all

And as you imagine someday being imperious
Or demanding
Or the one with the temper

Hear the unspoken “thank you” from a
Grateful nation that is a
Better, smarter, calmer, easier, friendlier and more organized place 
Thanks to you
And your dogged diligence.

You are beautiful.
You are precious to us.

You are the hand that stills the water, the wheel that never squeaks, the one we all rely on
And while you probably would have remembered to send a thank-you note,
We forgot.

And just because everyone always expects you
To do well
Does not make it any less remarkable
That you always do so well.

And I would tell you to take the afternoon for yourself
Or sleep in tomorrow
But I’m pretty sure you already have plans.

So just take this very moment right now
To appreciate you
And all that you have done and done well
Even by your own high standards.

And remember:
You are beautiful.

And just because everyone always expects you to
Do well
Does not make it any less amazing, delightful or delicious that
You always do so well.

© Samantha Bennett 2009

Buy your copy now: By The Way, You Look Really Great Today

Ode To The Overwhelmed

And as you stand there
Late again
Because you forgot to allow time to park
And the elevator was slow
And you left 10 minutes late to begin with

With your shoes that pinch
And your pants that are a little too small
Since you started eating white bread again

And as you paw through your bag
Looking for the suite number
That you’re not sure you wrote down to begin with

Let us now praise you.

You, the untidy.
You, the careless.
You, the easily distracted by sparkly things.

The money you spend on late fees alone
Could feed a family in Africa –
Which reminds you that you meant to send in the kids’ Unicef money and

And that despite your best efforts,
You rarely eat a square meal,
You almost never get enough sleep
And exercise seems like a word that magazines have developed
Just to make you feel bad about yourself.

But you are good and brave.
You, flying by the seat of your pants
Making it work
Putting out fires
Saying your prayers
And dancing your dance of now and later and maybe and 

As innocent as each morning’s sunrise,
You are a fount of good intentions.
Your good humor is as graceful as a baby giraffe,
Even if that joke you were trying to make to the hotel clerk fell flat
And your toast at the wedding came out sounding a little…funny.

But you have gifts that no one knows about.
You have the strength to bend in the wind
You have the joyful spirit that loves a good belly laugh,
You have the wisdom to understand that everything will all come out all right in the end and
You have the faith to light a candle rather than curse the darkness.

That is, if you could find the book of matches from that romantic restaurant that you went to for your anniversary but since you didn’t have a reservation they made you wait at the bar for half an hour during which you had two appletinis and the rest of the night is a bit of a blur.

So much for the overpriced lingerie.

You are beautiful.

You are beautiful.

Frazzled and overworked and underpaid
You are the one who forgot your wallet
And forgot your receipt for the dry cleaners
And forgot your keys which you just set down five seconds ago, so where could they possibly have gone?

But you never forget to say, “I love you”
And you never forget to give a big smile to that nice parking guy
And you never fail to show endless patience when the
Too-tightly wrapped and overly-conscientious start to offer their
Oh-so-helpful suggestions about how you might feel better if you would just learn to alphabetize your spice rack.

You are beautiful.
So, wear the lingerie on Monday for no reason.

And why not just refuse to participate in the bake sale this year?

And give yourself a compliment for something you did well today.
Because you are the most beautiful woman I’ve ever known.

© 2009 Samantha Bennett

Buy your copy now: By The Way, You Look Really Great Today

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  • Kathy H May 8, 2012, 9:05 am

    Oh my goodness, I wish I could find your books in the library! I want to read By the Way…Great Today and 365 Reasons to Write as well as your plays, but I have literally no money and therefore can’t buy them. “Ode to the Drama Teacher” is a masterpiece, in my opinion.

  • Kim Serafini April 14, 2016, 9:41 pm

    I laughed out loud! Thank you 🙂 You are seriously talented & a gift to the world.

    • Samantha Bennett July 6, 2016, 7:04 am

      Thanks, Kim! LOVE MindPT.com! – S.

  • admin October 7, 2010, 2:19 pm

    Thanks for posting this poem on your GORGEOUS site — nice!

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