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An Artist Talks to God

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Heartfelt, funny, despairing and true, Sam Bennett’s letters to God reflect the struggle of every creative person. Perfect for those who are stuck, those who are yearning and those who are ready to throw in the towel and get a “real” job. 

“Absolutely love these letters/poems. Bennett puts my own problems and thoughts into words and her faith in and offer of solutions inspires me.” – K.S.

“I am not a churchy person but no matter what form your God takes, these poems will make your soul smile and you will find yourself breathing calmly and deeply after reading them. I quickly devoured all these poems at once and kept nodding in agreement with each one. I have already printed out a couple and hung them in my studio space for inspiration. And I know that any time I am feeling overwhelmed or discouraged, just reading one or more of these will put me back in the right frame of mind to continue creating. I highly recommend this book.” – Mary Hastings

“The poems are inspiring,uplifting and totally relatable to the experiences that we all go through as artists. I highly suggest this book.” – David Wagenfeld

Lovely letters to God that read like poems, and feel so true and real that inside you sigh with relief. Thank you Samantha, for expressing what I’ve felt and was shy to put words to. I will read these again and again and keep them for comfort. Sometimes, it’s hard to be an artist. But it’s important.” – Neda Safa

“This book gets right to the truth, to the voices in our head and the doubt in our heart. Samantha, as always, you get right to the point in a creative beautiful way. Thank you.” – Tracey Webber

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