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Additional Calls for Everyone

Various calls from over the years for everyone to enjoy!

Calls with the Experts!

Kerianne Mellott

Chat Transcript

Brian Halley Additional Training

Brian Halley with Sam

Chat Transcript

Dawn Serra

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Linda Siversten

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Nat Mundel

Chat Transcript

Michelle Lange

Jeffrey Van Dyk

Leonore Tjia

Jillian Rosich Kendrick

Beth Lapides

Amy Alhers

Tina Forsyth

Jean DiGiovanna

Wes Schaeffer

Ben Saltzman

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Procrastination & Desire



Cut Through Chaos & Overwhelm Now

Let’s get started
This brief assessment is really just a series of questions is designed to help you think about your project/situation in new ways; it is meant to stimulate your imagination so you can generate some creative solutions. There are no right or wrong answers here – just an honest assessment of how things are with you and your project today, in this very moment. Work fast. Have fun.

There are two pieces here – an audio and a worksheet.The fifteen-minute audio that accompanies this worksheet should be listened to first – it offers fuller explanations of each question and introduces some important concepts that will assist you in filling out this sheet.

Download:Cut Through Chaos and Overwhelm In 15 Min Assessment Worksheet (PDF)



Why Do We Get So Mad At Ourselves?

New Strategies To Help You Not Feel So Frustrated And Move On

A no-sales, all-content teleclass recorded live for MaestroPath with Adam Koren and Samantha Bennett.

“Great conference call today!! I was finally able to make one, (more importantly) I created the time for it. And I am so glad I did. I have really missed the comfort of your voice & your calls. You make us feel like “we’re gonna be alright.” Just being on the call and joining in on the breakout session was it so worth it. Thank you for doing these calls and changing people’s lives.”Lisa Mallalieu, Los Angeles, CA.

This is one of my most popular recordings – Adam and I introduce a simple technique with some amazing results. And wait until you hear the surprising turnaround at the end of the call!

Remember – The World Needs Your Art



How To Make Perfect Choices Every Time

Three Steps To Turn Regret Into Enlightenment

A no-sales, all-content event recorded live for MaestroPath with Samantha Bennett.

We all have those life choices that we still…oh, “regret” seems like too strong of a word…but the choices that you still think about and feel bad, or wish you had done differently or made sooner or not made so hastily and …You know the choices I mean. The ones you still revisit in your head.Well – all that revisiting is taking up some valuable brain space, no? Plus there is some priceless information for youabout what you need to be doing NEXT in your life.

“Wow Sam…great stuff. I am brilliant at beating myself up over choices made or not made and living in regret. Your [recording] is really a lovely way to reframe the past and to make more conscious choices in the present. Thanks for your insight and thoughtful questions on this topic. Something to practice. Wishing you well!!”Pam from Santa Monica, CA

Remember – The World Needs Your Art



From Overwhelmed to Overjoyed

Three Steps To A Breakthrough

A no-sales, all-content event recorded live for MaestroPath with Samantha Bennett.

When you are joyful you are more creative and productive, right?

Here’s a free, content-only (zero selling!) recording made for the nice people at MaestroPath, and I know that listening to this event will have a great effect on your creativity and your productivity – see the beautiful watercolor that Dana Sparkle made to the left? Read her story and listen to the seminar that inspired her below:

Here’s Dana’s story: “Samantha, just wanted to let you know I received your email and it affected me in a very positive way thank you for putting your words out there… I wrote about it and you can see the painting I did to the left.

I have been stuck for a while. Today I got unstuck, for a little while. So thank you keep doing what you do. You make a difference – you demonstrated to me how “the world needs YOUR art”

Dana Sparkle
See her original post



I Love Money & Money Loves Me

Are You Ready To Break Through Your Old Fears About Money? Are You Ready For Prosperity?

Here’s the replay of a special bonus event I did for the last Get It Done Teleclass that I thought you might enjoy — There’s no selling on this webinar, just a bunch of content about money & charging what you’re worth. There’s even a super-practical segment on How To Double Your Prices, How To Earn Money From Your Creativity – this is for-real, from-the-trenches intelligence.

“Hi Sam, It’s great being on the call today. You are amazing. I thank you for your wonderful work. It is percolating within me! – D., California “Thanks for shining your light so we can see more clearly to move ahead.” – V., Southern California “Thank You sooo much for all this wonderful advice …” – E., Italy



Your Amazing Unfinished Projects

This big replay box below is a free audio/webinar called You and Your (Amazing) Unfinished Projects – especially designed for the creative procrastinator – click to begin & get unstuck now! Watch & listen as I answer the following questions from the webcast:

“I’m having anxiety about moving from the idea stage to the writing stage. I started your 15 minute a day plan a week ago, and it’s helping, but can’t bring myself to start the chapter. How do I push through that fear? ” – Ella, USA

“What if your projects are sooooooooo big and grandiose and overwhelming, but REAL within?” – Daniel, CA

“You. Are. So. Brilliant… Oh My God.” – Patti, VT

“Here’s my problem: I’ve got a few things that I’d love to do, but have one BIG pain-in-the-butt, totally-can’t-stand-it, but-have-to-do-it anyway thing to get done. What I end up doing, though, is nothing because I’m not doing what I SHOULD be doing, and shouldn’t do the ‘fun’ things until the ‘work’ is done. I’m sick of punishing myself, but don’t know where to start! ” – Julie, British Columbia, Canada

“Thanks so much Sam! So helpful. ” – Patricia, Colorado

“Thanks for helping me re-connect and offering some great reflection questions. ” – Dove, CA



Sunshine Goals & Shadow Goals

Download: Sunshine Goals! Live Q & A with Samantha Bennett

Download: Shadow Goals – Get It Done Preview Class – 2-17-12



Marketing Mastermind

July 9, 2014
Final Session!

Our Final Wrap Up Call! In which Sam walks you back through everything we’ve learned in the past 6 months. (Whew!) Congratulations on a wonderful course, everyone. Thank you.

June 25, 2014
Session #11

“Your Golden Coins: Developing Relationships with the Friends, Partners, Affiliates and Corporations That Will Bring You the Prosperity You Need”
(some slight technical difficulties on this one – thanks for bearing with us)

June 11, 2014
Session #10

In which Sam explains ALL about how to create the best possible flyer/landing page/home page, etc. Good stuff.

May 28, 2014
Session #9

In which Sam reveals all her secrets about creating, selling and hosting live events like her upcoming “Big Yes” event. She also shares about sequencing offers and program pricing tips.

May 14, 2014
Session #8

Natural Progression” marketing, the 80/20 rule and Vinca Heart’s “Money Keys”

April 17, 2014
Session #7

April 2, 2014
Session #6

March 19, 2014
Session #5

March 5, 2014
Session #4

The session in which Sam dares us to go F*#K around in our business, makes the critical distinction between Marketing and Sales, and challenges us to:

  • Pick a sales goal (deadline: April 1st)
  • Pick a marketing goal (deadline: April 1st)

February 19, 2014
Session #3

February 5, 2014
Session #2

More About Spectrums: Yours AND Your Ideal Clients’ PLUS How to Give a Non-Weird, Not-Annoying “Elevator Speech”

January 22, 2014
Session #1

“How do I prioritize my time and clients?” and The Gift of Understanding Your Spectrums of Behavior

January 19, 2014
How To Make $5000 (webinar)

In which I lay out a few of the simple money-making strategies that I know work, and I will not get off the phone until every single person has an appropriate, personalized plan to earn back their investment. Value: $5000

UPDATE: Within 3 days of this call, one person had made $5000, one person had made $7400 and one had made $10,000. YAY! If, after listening to this recording you are still unclear on your own plan, please book an appointment with Sam ASAP here: https://www.timetrade.com/book/WWDYQ



Get It Done – Spring 2014

June 2, 2014
Get It Done: Session 7

In which Sam answers the questions:
“How do I set boundaries with people?”
“Why am I not moving forward on my money-making ideas?”
“I’m afraid that my new piece won’t be as good as my first piece was.”
“How do I make a kazillion dollars in the next six months?”
and MORE!

“You’ve just turned me around 360 degrees, from the anxiety of not being able to rev up and work fast enough to a Big Yes!!” – M.

“One of the best things to come from GID was You showed me how to get back on track and helped put the spark back into life instead of being stuck in despair. ” – T.

May 27, 2014
Get It Done: Session 6

May 20, 2014
Get It Done: Session 5

April 29, 2014
Get It Done: Session 4

GID Session 4 Notes

April 15, 2014
Get It Done: Session 3

Sam covers:
– The 3rd workshop blues
– Some of your deep fears and insecurities
– The deets on The Big Yes Retreat 2014 (!!!)

Session 3 Notes
Session 3 Worksheets and Article

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