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newsflash: they aren’t “just being nice”

You know that skill or talent you have?

That one where whenever you put it out there, people tell you how great it is/you are?

Guess what?

They aren’t just being nice.

And every time you talk yourself out of putting your work out there in a bigger way by telling yourself that people are “just being nice,” your creativity sheds a little tear.

Plus – to be frank – it’s a little rude of you.

Here’s why:

Every time you brush off a compliment, it’s like you’re saying that the person complimenting you:

doesn’t have good taste
can’t be trusted
thinks you can be fooled by fake niceties
And, speaking as someone who thinks your work is amazing, I kinda resent that implication.

So, let’s turn this around, shall we?

Here’s a quick process to help you think about your work and what it might mean to get it out into the world in a bigger way:

Write down a talent or skill with which you would love to make some money.

Write down 5 of the nicest/most interesting compliments you’ve ever gotten on that talent or skill.

Write down a few words that describe your ideal customer – and please be sure to include, “ability to pay,” OK?

Now here’s the cool part…

You have just defined your “product,” “marketing strategy” and “target market.”

This is something that big businesses spend hundreds of person-hours and tens of thousands of dollars doing.

INTERESTING QUESTION: What if all the compliments you’ve ever gotten represented a groundswell of public opinion?

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