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For The Highly Creative Person

And as you stand there

Mentally re-writing the presentation as it’s being given,

While doodling with geometrical precision,

While speculating on whether psychic communication is real,

While recalling that weird incident that happened to you in the 7th grade,

While considering what lunch options are going to give you the greatest pleasure-to-nutritional-value ratio but knowing you’re just going to go for the tuna salad as usual,


It occurs to you that maybe not everyone


Wakes up with a new project idea every morning.

Or writes secret biographies for strangers based on the contents of their grocery cart.

Or feels the need to take a contrarian position on the holidays.


But then, that seems impossible.


Ideas seek you out like bees find flowers.


Your imagination is as unbounded as the clear blue sky.

Your intuition is so much a part of your knowledge base that you don’t even notice it.

And your natural ability to find meaning in everything makes for a world that is as emotionally complex as an ecosystem as can be.


You defy explanation.

You have moods and whims and absences and

A deep need for solitude.


You cannot abide:

Busy Work

Small Talk




You have spent so many years not fitting in that you’ve sort of abandoned the whole idea.

Wouldn’t want to belong to a club that would have me, you say.


And you fill your time by going deep into certain subjects: not to become an expert, but just because it’s interesting. Although you are often surprised to learn that other people aren’t nearly as interested in 17th Century Sonata Form, or early silent movie technology, or the minutia of the old black-and-white episodes of Dr. Who, or trilobites or the mechanics of WWII fighter jets or astronomy or the proto-feminism of Alice in Wonderland and the works of Edith Sitwell, or the faulty logic of flat-earthers as you are.


You are not afraid of hard work.


But the idea of a cubicle gig fills you with dread…

And you’re not great with authority figures…

And you are bored stiff by any repetitive tasks…

And you have been known to doze off in meetings.

And you’re not particularly motivated by money, so…


The job thing is a bit of a quandary.


So you lean on your magical powers

And your intense charisma

(truly – other people think you are magical)


And you create your own world.


So when people say, “Oh, she’s off in her world” or “He doesn’t really live in the same world as the rest of us,” you take it as a compliment.


You have the ability to

Write stories and poems and songs and sagas

Create art and images and

Design rooms and products and businesses


And once you’ve figured it out in your head, you often lose interest.

Or once you’ve done it once, you often lose interest.

Or once you’ve told someone else about it, you often lose interest.


You have more half-finished projects than most people have socks.


You ask better questions.

You refuse to take no for an answer.

You believe in the fundamental goodness of people.


And your perfectionism, lack of any kind of repeatable process, self-doubt, and your self-imposed outsider status are keeping your fortune locked in a treasure chest that you’ve buried in the back of the garage next to that expensive bike you bought when you were convinced that becoming a triathlete was a good idea, but after a respectable performance in your first race, you never touched the thing again.


You have untold riches inside your mind.


You bring a deep poetic joy to the world.


You are special. Just like everyone else.


You hold a grudge.


You are as sensitive and powerful as an Italian Race Car.

As temperamental as a souffle.

As precise as a minuet.

As lonely as a leaf on the breeze.


Which reminds you how trees look like exactly like neural pathways.(Why isn’t that more often a topic of discussion?)


Now, we know that you only really get interested when things are hard, so, with that in mind, I present you with the following questions:


How do you walk the high-wire as though you were strolling a suburban street?

How do stay 100% engaged in a dull world that rarely deserves your full attention?


How do you let people love you?


©2018 S.Bennett

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