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Get Your Work Out There Home Study Kit

Here’s a gift to celebrate the launch of Get Your Work Out There Home Study Kit accompanied by the world’s longest post —

See, I’ve been getting a lot of questions about the offer itself, so I’ve listed every last thing in order to be as clear as possible about the flat-out amazing-ness of this offer.

Remember – this offer is only good until Wed. Sept. 7th at 12midnight Pacific Time and then the price goes up to $747) CLICK HERE to check it out: https://sambennett.infusionsoft.com/saleform/nathniftf

Today’s Gift: The Get Your Work Out There Project Assessment Worksheet

Working Right Off The Top Of Your Head, Complete These Sentences:

1. My project is unique because:


Bottom line: Whatever you’re doing is unique because YOU are doing it. Your particular spin, your flavor, your energy stamps it with an undeniable identity.

2. My best friends describe me as:


Bottom line: It’s all been said before. But not by you.

3. I decided to do this project because: ______________________________________________________

Bottom line: Whatever you did to get here makes you uniquely qualified to create what you’re creating – to produce what you’re producing. Your hunger – your thirst – your desire to make this or do this is the first thing that qualifies you to be its engine.

4. What makes you the perfect person to execute this project? _______________________________________________________

Bottom line: If you don’t create this project, all that pain and heartbreak and joy and discovery will have been for naught.

5. If you had found this project (rather than creating it) what difference might it have made in your life? ______________________________________________________

6. Just out of curiosity, how much would you have paid to have it? _______________________________________________________

Bottom line: It’s likely that your project is worth at least three times what you would have paid for it. It’s likely that there are thousands if not millions of people who are hungry for what you’re working on – who are curious about what you know – thirsty for what you offer.

7. Who else has done something like this before? _______________________________________________________

Bottom line: Find out who they are and what they did right and how different you are. They are your friends and teachers.

OK. Take a breath. Good job.

Now make some notes — you’ll remember it all better if you write it down.

Checked Out The Webinar Yet?

And if you haven’t yet heard the replay of our webinar – well, this is one of the best events we’ve ever done. Don’t miss it.

Get Your Work Out There Live Event Replay
with Samantha Bennett & Steve Harper


Check out these transformations that happened LIVE on the webinar:

j. – los angeles
Do you have any tips on How to get past the “starving artist Mindset” & the idea that I need to “Suffer for my Art” for it to be any good and worthwhile? [We answered] Thank you so much for answering my question — your responses brought a tear to my eye and I will use them as my new mantra. Thanks to you both — this artist won’t “suffer” any longer!!!

M. – London
Hi! 🙂 Just wondering how to know which one project to focus on…. I get overwhelmed and end up procrastinating about everything! [We answered] Thank you so much for answering my question – (I’m a bit delayed on the broadcast as I had to pause for a few minutes) but thanks 🙂 that really helped!

I’m struggling writing a book that is on a subject that is very new age-ish…. What would you suggest to keep your book grounded but also go far and push the boundaries without losing the audience? [We answered] Thank you! And thank you for answering my question. You have given me a wonderful surge of energy and trust in my own work.

D. – Barstow
The energy shifted from being stuck when I [did our exercise on the webinar]…

D. – Holland
I really appreciate your honesty and I am more motivated than ever….I feel like I am constantly learning more and more about myself. Thanks guys

S. – no location
First: I want to thank you both SO MUCH for your particular brilliance on these calls. As an artist, I feel so understood and inspired in ways other calls do not touch. It is uncanny how you nail it!!! Two questions: What inspiration have you about the treadmill of: not having the financial resources to purchase supportive resources like this that would help one get unstuck. I love what you said about discarding “starving artists.” That said, my current income being what it (and what it isn’t) and given that I have tried to stop debting., It is a huge stretch and would involve debting to buy this wonderful program. What to do? [Wait until you hear how we answered this one!]

C – Delray Beach, Florida
I just wanted to say, should anyone be thinking you’d LOVE to do this, Go For It!!! I did NOT BUT I put every ounce of what Sam & Steve shared [and continue sharing] when they first launched GYWOT. And has my Life ever bloomed!!! With Sam in my corner this year, actually these last 9 months, I have a really hard time remembering who I used to BE before I met her. HOT HOT HOT!!! Go. DO IT!! BELIEVE in YOU and your gifts!! [Thanks, C!]

—–> Click Here To Grab The “Get Your Work Out There” Webinar Replay Now: http://InstantTeleseminar.com/?eventID=22113723

OK, Sam & Steve – what’s the deal with the Get Your Work Out There Home Study Kit?

Here’s everything you get:

– Six + Audio CDs & Study Guide– “mind-blowing” original content – shipped right to you in a lovely new binder!

* Session #1: Your Project Assessment, Target Market & Activity Grid
* Session #2: Perfectionism & Surrender
* Session #3: Dealing with Frustration and Your Perfect Elevator Speech
* Session #4: The Story Of The Idea
* Session #5: Wrapping Up And Moving Forward
* BONUS Q&A Call: Email Marketing Secrets, Webforms and Money!
* BONUS “How To Follow Up With Clients” Webinar with Infusionsoft

– Steve Harper’s Plan Your Day/Meditation CD

– The Organized Artist Company’s Get It Done Home Study Kit Digital Download – available immediately upon purchase so you can get started right away!

Get It Done Session One: Clarifying Your Goals, or, What To Do When You Have 37 Projects In Mind And You Can’t Decide

This is one VERY action-packed recording – you might want to listen to it twice, once just to kind of soak it in and a second time with worksheets and pencils in hand.

Get It Done Session Two: Creating Your Personalized Project Plan, or, Budgeting and Scheduling The FUN, Creative Way… (Kind Of…)

In which I introduce you to some of my favorite tools for moving forward. I created these tools because while there are lots of good business-type books out there, let’s face it – we don’t care who’s moved our cheese. What the creative person needs is a practical way to manage our often impractical lives. Here it is.

Get It Done Session Three: Looking Under The Rock, or, Breaking Through Internal Barriers To Success

This session sounds like it might be depressing, but I find the deep honesty here really uplifting. You can actually hear the sound of people breaking through their old stories and moving into a new way of being.

Bonus Recording #1: You and Your Big Ideas

“Yep – that works I absolutely LOOOOOOOOVED this class – thank you, thank you, thank you ))))” – A.Z., Denmark

“Wow!! Somehow that opened the door to my mind and heart…some block or barrier in myself has been torn down, if not totally, than for the most part. I am starting to REALLY believe I can do this book…I am so glad I signed up for this!” – Diane Fial, Colorado

This is a recording I made with my dear friend Amy Ahlers, The Wake-Up Call Coach that explores some of the reasons that you might not have been moving forward on the projects that mean the most to you. Perhaps it simply hasn’t been the right time, maybe you’ve been scared (and who wouldn’t be!) or perhaps you don’t really care about this project anymore – which says to me that your inner wisdom has a better idea waiting for you.

Bonus Recording #2: Procrastination Is Genius In Disguise

“Thanks for offering such an insightful teleconference on procrastination. You really delivered lots of practical information, exercises and tips. The exercises are straightforward, easy to use and yield “can do” action steps. Very impressive! So many of these “free” calls are mostly fluff and advertising! I appreciate the insight that the brains of creative people get overloaded and shut down because of too many variables and unknowns. That right there explains a lot! All good wishes for your continued happiness, success, and abundance.” – Elizabeth Hyland, M. Div., Author of Surviving The Unemployment Roller Coaster: From Stress To Success www.UnemploymentRollerCoaster.com
This is the recording of one of the most powerful (and popular!) preview classes I’ve ever offered. Again, there’s a little pitch in there in the middle, but it only lasts a few minutes, and of course you’re free to fast-forward through that part. Do give it a listen, though – and find out how YOUR procrastination truly is a form of GENIUS.

Bonus Recording #3: Bouncing Back From Disappointment: Three NEW Strategies To REALLY Get Over It

This is an unusual call, but I really love it. And the transformations people have experienced from this simple exercise have been both profound and beautiful.

Get It Done Session Four: Truth In Advertising, or, How To Talk About Your Work Honestly And Without Feeling Like You’re Bragging)

Everyone feels self-conscious sometimes, and it can be hard for us to accept praise. Figuring out how to talk about you and your work honestly cuts right through any anxiety about sounding “sales-y” or arrogant.

Get It Done Session Five: Teaching Our Shadows Grace

Another deep session featuring an astonishingly simple tool that can demolish destructive, self-limiting thoughts in an instant.

Bonus Recording #4: It’s The Money, Honey

This one was by request, so it’s a bit of a hodge-podge of the most important financial lessons I’ve ever learned. Lots of tools and resources on this one.

Get It Done Session Six: The Beginning Of Wisdom

We don’t slack off on this final recording – the amazing results just keep rolling in. You’ll find clarity, motivation and new commitment to your dreams in these study-at-your-own-pace sessions.

– The Daily Goose – eight weeks of daily emails to keep you inspired and on-track – here are the topics for you to peruse:

  • Daily Goose – Day 1: Schedule
  • Daily Goose – Day 2: Your Time of Day
  • Daily Goose – Day 3: Success Story
  • Daily Goose – Day 4: Duration & Stamina
  • Daily Goose – Day 5: Frequent Breaks
  • Daily Goose – Day 6: Timing Is Everything
  • Daily Goose – Day 7: The Seinfeld Strategy
  • Daily Goose – Day 8: Investing Wisely
  • Daily Goose – Day 9: What’s the Cost?
  • Daily Goose – Day 10: Success Story
  • Daily Goose – Day 11: Build A Money Team
  • Daily Goose – Day 12: Dream a money dream!
  • Daily Goose – Day 13: A Dream Promotion!
  • Daily Goose – Day 14: Profit!
  • Daily Goose – Day 15: Inner Monster Management
  • Daily Goose – Day 16: When the Going Gets Rough…
  • Daily Goose – Day 17: When the Going Gets Rough (part 2)
  • Daily Goose – Day 18: Whine and Cry. Be Petty and Small.
  • Daily Goose – Day 19: It’s Too Complicated!!!
  • Daily Goose – Day 20: Freak Out!
  • Daily Goose – Day 21: Compliments!
  • Daily Goose – Day 22: Gearing Up for Work
  • Daily Goose – Day 23: Idea Catchers
  • Daily Goose – Day 24: Success Story
  • Daily Goose – Day 25: “What are you doing after work?”
  • Daily Goose – Day 26: Celebrating Milestones
  • Daily Goose – Day 27: Bravery
  • Daily Goose – Day 28: Break Time!
  • Daily Goose – Day 29: Pare It Down
  • Daily Goose – Day 30: The Groan Zone
  • Daily Goose – Day 31: Success Story
  • Daily Goose – Day 32: Freedom Day
  • Daily Goose – Day 33: The Risk of Stopping
  • Daily Goose – Day 34: The Risk of Not Stopping
  • Daily Goose – Day 35: Taking Stock
  • Daily Goose – Day 36: Walking Away
  • Daily Goose – Day 37: Who Do You Think You Are?
  • Daily Goose – Day 41: Fan Letter!
  • Daily Goose – Day 39: Price Check!
  • Daily Goose – Day 42: The Paper Monster
  • Daily Goose – Day 43: Wrap-Up Week!
  • Daily Goose – Day 44: Wrap-Up Week!
  • Daily Goose – Day 45: Workarounds
  • Daily Goose – Day 46: Success Story
  • Daily Goose – Day 47: Forecasting
  • Daily Goose – Day 48: Words To Live By
  • Daily Goose – Day 49: The Beginning, Again…
  • Daily Goose – Day 50: CELEBRATION!!!!!

Here are some of the PROJECTS COMPLETED in the last Get Your Work Out There:

* Finished Memoir (after years and years – it’s now complete!)
* Decluttered Entire House
* Lost 10 Pounds (without really working at it!)
* Joined Facebook (a VERY big deal for some people, you know?)
* Two (two!) Websites Up & Running
* Launched New Joint Venture
* Tripled Earnings on Workshop (in a truly AMAZING no-stress way!)
* Started Painting Again After A Long Dry Spell
* Began New, Original Coaching Business
* Created Three New Proposals (International Festivals!)
* Got New Agent/Manager
* Sent Out ONE Email Blast (the first week of class) And Immediately Got Booked To Perform Before An Audience of 15,000 (now THAT’S getting your work out there!)

So…..What Do You Want To Get Out There?


Sam & Steve

P.S. Remember – this offer is only good until Wed. Sept. 7th at 12midnight Pacific Time and then the price goes up to $747) CLICK HERE to check it out: https://sambennett.infusionsoft.com/saleform/nathniftf – SSB.

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