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Wanna Launch A Product Today?

OK – enough theory.

Let’s experiment and see if we can’t make a little money.

7 Easy Steps To Making A Profit – Today!

Here is a step-by-step process that you can try – feel free to adjust it to your own taste, standards and project.

You might do this all in one day (really – you could do this all in one day!) or you might choose to spread it out over a few days.

And if you elect to NOT try this (which is totally fine, of course) I still want you thinking about what you might do if you were to try it. Deal? Deal.

Step One: Pick A Product

Think of something you have already created that you think would benefit people. Maybe it’s a story or a song, maybe it’s a product, maybe it’s a pdf or an audio recording of a class.

If you’re not sure, ask someone who’s familiar with your work – sometimes others will remember things we don’t. Like, “Oh, you should sell that talk you give on how to organize your desk – that’s great stuff!” or, “What about those t-shirts you designed on Zazzle.com?” (And here you had forgotten all about those t-shirts….)

By the way, Zazzle.com and CafePress.com are two websites that allow you to design and sell a product without ever having to pay set-up costs or buy inventory. You set your own royalty, and they can “host” your “shop.” It’s pretty fun. You can check out Sam’s admittedly poorly designed page (now that’s getting a “C” in action!) here for inspiration: http://sambennett.wpengine.com/products-gifts/

For virtual or digital products, you can host them on your own website, of course, but you can also build super-quick sites using Seth Godin’s Squidoo.com or on Weebly.com. You don’t even have to have a domain name to build a easy-peasey site on Weebly!

And if you’re wondering how to create a recording, it’s easy with FreeConferenceCalling.com – and it’s also, um, free.

If you don’t already have something you can repurpose, then just imagine you, 10 years ago. What information (related to your project) do you dearly wish you had had? What insights would have been helpful to you?

So for example, Steve might say, “Three things you need to know about becoming a TV writer in LA” or Sam might say, “How to price your product… and what to do about refunds.”


Write your Product Name down here:


Step Two: Get Ready For Debut

If your product is all ready to go, then great! You can skip this step.

If your Product is almost ready, then complete whatever’s necessary to get a “beta” version out the door. Spend less than an hour on this. Turn the Word doc into a PDF, add a graphic element, edit out the boring introduction – whatever. And really – set the bar low. No, lower. Seriously…lower it some more. OK, that’s good.

Step Three: Prepare to Profit

Set your price about a third higher than you think it should be. If you need to, do 10 minutes (only!) of research on how other, similar products are priced.

Step Four: Delivery

1) Get a proper email address. If you don’t already have a “business” email address, set one up via your website – most website hosting services offer nearly unlimited email addresses. If that doesn’t work for you, then set up a Gmail account with a professional name like “yourbusinessnamehere@gmail.com.”

Do NOT use your personal address or any “sbcglobal,” “yahoo” or, heaven forfend, an “aol” address. We’re going bare-bones, but we don’t want to look like amateurs, OK?

2) Set up a way to receive payment. Paypal is fine. Google Checkout is also fine. Amazon Payments can also work great. Pick whichever one you vibe with. Again – do not spend more than 15 minutes making this decision.

3) Figure out delivery. How is your product delivered? Do you send out an email — and if so, can you use an auto-responder? Do you have to mail it? Or maybe it’s a digital product that just lives on web page somewhere and you just have to communicate the address of the page?

Step Five: Get It Out Of The House!

Now write a brief, simple email to your people explaining that you have just released this fabulous new recording/pdf/ebook/t-shirt/workbook/video/whatever and you can’t wait for them to enjoy these benefits from it:

Benefit #1: ______________________________________

Benefit #2: _______________________________________

Benefit #3: _______________________________________

And –

– that it’s available right now at a special pre-launch price of $XX – but that next week that price will double so they should hop on board right now. (Even if you’re only charging 99 cents, please charge something as that’s an important part of the point of this exercise.)

– that they should “click here” to purchase right now!

Step Six: Press “Send”

This is far and away the scariest thing you’ve done in a long time, I bet. The thought of pressing “send” will bring on dizzy spells, upset stomachs, the urgent need to reorganize one’s sock drawer…

I know how hard this is and I’m with you every step of the way.

Once you’ve sent, please let me know how it went for you and what your results were – and if you’d like post your product link in the comments here, I’m all for it. (No affiliate fees necessary ; )

Step Seven: Celebrate!

Do whatever feels right to celebrate your amazing accomplishment.

Take a walk in the sunshine, buy yourself a treat, lay down and read a book, go see a movie…

Whatever you do, do NOT sit at your computer waiting to see how many people buy. That’s poison. Go enjoy yourself for a few hours and then check, OK?

That’s it.

Congratulations, you’ve just launched a product.

Damn, you’re good.

* Created for the Get Your Work Out There VIP Program led by me and Steve Harper, June 2011

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  • JV November 23, 2011, 12:31 pm

    Okay I got pic loaded onto zazzel
    But it will take apx 48 hrs more for folks to see it (for pics to show up)
    this was a bit more involved than I thought

    But considering all things involved it seems to be a cool way to sell my
    designs on a product.
    I will let you know as soon as I get $$$ start rolling in
    Do you know anyone I can pay to manage this project
    It is frustrating for me to do all these details
    I really need a personal assistant
    I tried hiring one on web and I ended up redoing everything anyway.
    Maybe its just me– Im a bit of a perfectionist

    • admin November 23, 2011, 12:43 pm

      HOORAY! Great job! I love my virtual assistants over at http://www.LongerDays.com – tell ’em I sent you – I know it might feel expensive, but the only relevant question is: will I earn back the money I spend paying these people immediately or sooner? Or rather, “what systems and tasks can I create that will regularly generate at least twice my expenses?” And make sure you give yourself a treat for completing such a big job already! Wishing you the Happiest and Grateful-est of Thanksgivings.

  • JV November 23, 2011, 12:33 pm

    by the way
    here is my link- I dont think you can see my pics yet it takes 24 to 48 hrs per the web site

  • JV November 23, 2011, 2:30 pm

    Ok cool thank you soooo much for this suggestion….
    I am sooo grateful for all your input

  • ms. Dorothy W. Brown September 22, 2013, 12:42 pm

    Thank for this great guide on how to make money now. I just need your help to Please show how to do the ” click here” link?

    • Samantha Bennett September 22, 2013, 1:00 pm

      Hello, Dorothy — thank you so much for asking this question. I’m not sure if I can explain it properly, but it’s very easy to add a “click here” link to your email. The easiest way is to actually publish the link itself, so you would write something like, “If you’d like to find out about my latest workshop, just click here: http://www.startrightwhereyouare.com/” For most email clients, anything that looks like a web address will automatically hyperlink, so people will be able to just click on the link and go right to your website or paypal or what-have-you.

      The other way to do it is to embed the link, and many email providers let you do this (look in the toolbar for “link”) – that allows you to do it this way: Click here. As you can see, that makes the text into a link.

      Does that help? – Sam.

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