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7 of 7: The Ten Essential Steps To Get Your Work Out There

The 10 Essential Steps to Get Your Work Out There article is just below this, but first…

I want you to make a decision.

Please take a minute to review our Get Your Work Out There VIP ProgramIs This What You’ve Been Waiting For?

Is it your time?

Are you ready to go from feeling stuck, worried, overwhelmed, unclear, frustrated, struggling and uninspired…

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Then apply for the Get Your Work Out There VIP Program NOW.  We still have a few seats available, and if you’ve been considering/ruminating/toying with the idea then I invite you to fill out the application and see what happens.  Could be magic. You are invited to join us for a one-of-a-kind experience designed to maximize your unique skills and talents to Get Your Work Out There!


with Samantha Bennett and Steve Harper

An Eight-Week Intensive: June 2 – July 21, 2011

*    Four Live Calls (June 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd) 9:45am-11am Pacific Time

*    Four Weeks of Independent Study

*    Two Private Coaching Sessions – One With Sam and One With Steve

*    Final Call on July 21st

Also Includes:

*    Daily Emails to Help You Plan, Budget, Execute and Market Your Project

*    Weekly Project Reports to Keep You On Track

*    12 Hours ++ of The Organized Artist Company’s Acclaimed Get It Done Home Study Digital Download Program

*    Exclusive Bonus Expert Calls (these are going to be AMAZING…)

*    Membership in Private Group – Share Wins, Questions and Get Support!

Plus you get access to Samantha & Steve’s personal rolodex of excellent service providers (web designers, graphic designers, editors, copywriters, internet marketing experts, CRMs, fulfillment houses, coaches and friends) We’ve done our homework and we can’t wait to share our hard-won wisdom with you! Fill out the 5-minute application here: www.GetYourWorkOutThere.com

Here’s The Gut-Check: Fourteen Ways To Know If The Get Your Work Out There VIP Program Is Right For You

  • You know that getting your project out into the world will really benefit you
  • You have a big vision and no idea where to start
  • You’re ready to quit playing small (no more putting on plays in the backyard)
  • You know that with a little extra focus, encouragement and support, you can whip your project into shape
  • You’re thisclose already
  • Your intuition is tugging on your sleeve, saying, “Try this!”
  • You can see yourself, eight weeks from now, saying, “Wow! I did it!”
  • You are ready to invest in yourself (for a change…)
  • You sense that the moment is now – it’s the perfect time for the world to receive the special gifts you have to offer
  • You are willing to say, “OK, everybody – MY turn!”
  • You are ready to see REAL, TANGIBLE RESULTS
  • You know that being part of a motivated, inspired, active community of like-minded creatives, entrepreneurs and spirited individuals will help keep you on the path to accomplishment
  • You are ready to feel the fear and do it anyway
  • You don’t know how you know – you just know – this is right!

You Might Be Wondering…

1) OK, Sam and Steve – what are you and the Get Your Work Out There VIP Program promising me?

  • We promise to create and maintain an atmosphere that is positively charged for success.
  • We promise safety, mutual support and at least one really good laugh per class.
  • We promise that each class will be jam-packed with innovative techniques to move you forward.
  • We promise you The Daily Goose – a daily email with an inspiring challenge.
  • We promise hands-on, from-the-trenches advice and support.  We know what it takes to get an agent, start a business, sell your art and publish your own works, and what we don’t know, we can find out thanks to our expert network of super-smart friends and colleagues. Heck, we’ll even give you the names of our favorite web designers, CRMs and fulfillment houses.

2) What if it doesn’t work for me ?

satisfaction guaranteed image Then we’ll refund your money, no questions asked. Satisfaction guaranteed. Here’s the whole deal: if you enroll and participate to the very best of your ability for the full eight weeks and end up genuinely dissatisfied, we will cheerfully refund your investment (less a $50 administrative fee).

3) What do you mean by “participate to the very best of your ability”?

This is an intensive, exclusive workshop, and it’s important for the community of the class that each person bring their A-game. Specifically:

  • We expect you to listen to all of the calls in full (if you can be there live, that’s great, but if not, no biggie.)
  • We expect to get a Weekly Project Report from you each Wednesday.
  • We expect you to schedule, prepare for and attend your Private Sessions.
  • We expect you to honor the confidentiality of the group.
  • We expect you to communicate with us promptly if you are having any issues, questions, difficulties or a troubled mind. We can’t fix it if we don’t know what’s happening. We also expect you to communicate with us when you have big breakthroughs, triumphs and successes!

We know that you’re going to have good days and bad days and can’t-get-out-of-bed days and help-I’m-paralyzed days and exultant-hooray days…and we’re excited about taking this journey with you. We know that your best is always good enough.

4) So, we can get help from you when we need it?

Of course. We are available to be a resource for you, to support you and to guide you. The community of the group is open to you, too. You’re going to love feeling the energy of the group cheering you on!

5) What if I can’t afford it?

Only you know the truth of your financial picture, and if now isn’t the right time for you to invest in your project, then it isn’t the right time. Simple as that. The real question is, “Do I want the results of this workshop – whatever they may be – more than I want $997?” Because your money is going to go somewhere. I mean, it’s not like if you don’t spend the money on this then you will have extra at the end of the year – the money is going to get spent one way or the other. You get to say where and when. And we’ve noticed that investing time and money and right action in a project has an amazing, nearly-miraculous effect, so even if you don’t invest in our Program, we strongly urge you to experiment by making a financial commitment to your work and seeing what happens. There are a limited number of 10-pay plans available – that’s just $129.60/month!  Please reply to this email if you’d like that option.

6) Are you going to offer this again?

We’re not sure. We don’t have any plans to offer it again as of now.

7) Are you going to turn this into an info product?

No plans right now, but we’ll have to see how it goes.

8) What if I apply and get accepted and I don’t want to do it?

That’s fine. Just let us know that’s your decision within 24 hours and we’ll offer your spot to someone else. (And yes, “not responding at all” also counts as a decision – you don’t have to even write us back if you don’t feel like it.)

9) What if I have to miss a class?

No problem – just listen to the recording when you can and get caught up.

10) What if I have more questions?

Please email us at Sam@GetYourWorkOutThere.com or Steve@GetYourWorkOutThere.com or, if you want to talk in person, give Steve a call at: 917-232-8879 or call Samantha at 818-468-0540. www.GetYourWorkOutThere.com

Now – we don’t want you feeling confused – that will just keep you stuck – so please FOLLOW YOUR INTUITION and make a decision now:

Say Yes: Fill out the application here: www.GetYourWorkOutThere.com (you’ll hear back from us right away)

Say No: Do nothing.

Not Sure? If you’re Not Sure and you’d like to discuss this offer with us, or if you want to request a personalized payment plan (for example: split payments between credit cards, create a monthly payment plan or pay by check) please don’t hesitate to call Samantha at 818-468-0540 or Steve at 917-232-8879.

As you know, there are only 30 seats available in the Program, and invitations are being issued first-come, first-served, so we ask that you decide as quickly as possible. We start TOMORROW – Thursday, June 2nd – APPLY NOW and join us! Click here to apply: (www.GetYourWorkOutThere.com) – you’ll hear back from us right away. Thank you.

Article 7 of 7: The 10 Essential Steps to Get Your Work Out There We’ve covered 1) “Mindsets That Freeze,” we’ve 2) ReNamed Your Project, Put Your Project Through The “Gulp” Test and Played With The Scope Of Your Project, we’ve helped you 3) Listen to Your Project, we’ve determined 4) What Makes Your Project Worth It and 5) we discovered Your Secret Special Magic Power and we’ve shown you that 6) The Help You Need (Will Appear As You Start Moving).

Here are ten areas of Your Project that are going to need work.  You don’t have to work on them all at once, but eventually, you’re going to need to have all of these bases covered.

Not surprisingly, these Ten Steps correspond EXACTLY with the Get Your Work Out There VIP Program that starts tomorrow.

Imagine that.

The good news is that most of this isn’t really “work” – it can be done in a fun, loose, intuitive fashion.  But however you do it, make sure you do it, OK?

1) Understanding Your Market

What makes Your Project different?  How does it compare to other offerings that are out there?  If you can’t happily answer this question in ten words or less, you need to spend some time researching, noodling and practicing your answer.

2) Your Target Audience

Who’s the perfect person to receive Your Project?  How do you reach them?  For example, if you want to reach college-age people, you’re going to need to reach them through their mobile devices because they are on the go!  If you want to reach baby boomers, you might want to try some Facebook ads, as boomers are the fastest-growing demographic in that community.

3) Ways to Move Past Perfectionism

Getting Your Work Out There means giving up your idea about how perfect it could be and getting your hands dirty.  Getting Your Work Out There means being willing to put it out there in “beta” – testing, experimenting and then learning from your (inevitable) mistakes.  Getting Your Work Out There means learning to rejoice in your discoveries, your belly-flops and your victories.

4) Willingness To Surrender To Surprise

This is the other half of #3 – once you move past your perfectionism and are Getting Your Work Out There — once you are way beyond your comfort zone — you are going to find unexpected allies, new friends, skills, talents and rewards that make you feel gooooooooood.  It’s not going to go the way you think, but it’s going to go somewhere good!

5) Lean In To Your Individualized Work Style

You are, ahem, a little weird.  And that’s good – you have a unique creative voice.  The work you are doing doesn’t fit into a 9-5 cubicle, so how does it fit?  What works for you?  What hours, what environment, what support, what systems do you need to have in order to Get Your Work Out There?

6) Telling Your Authentic Story In Your Own Voice, aka, Great Marketing

Crafting a clear, truthful, joyful story about who you are and what you do is the single most important thing you can do for yourself as a creative person.

When you are consistently telling your story in the right way to the right people at the right time, your success is INEVITABLE. If you take the Get Your Work Out There VIP Program for no other reason, getting this one strategy down pat is well worth it.

(apply here: www.GetYourWorkOutThere.com)

You almost don’t even have to work at anything else – you become like the whistle-only-dogs-can-hear – you become a magnet for the people you want to attract.

This is not exaggeration or hyperbole.

This is the way we have each grown our own businesses (yes, in “this” economy) and have created profitable work that we love.  (Sam says: I’ve more than doubled my business in each of the past three years.  No joke.)

7) Accountability

To stay on track you need to create systems that support you.  It’s the only way we know to combat that “lots of initial enthusiasm, no follow-through” thing.  So again, whether you take this Program or not, get a buddy-system going with someone that you love and admire!

8) Monitor Your Metrics

You’ve got to know your numbers.  Whether it’s number of widgets sold or number of agencies submitted to or your Google Analytics, you’ve got to have some way of knowing if what you’re doing is working.

And – unlike almost all of the rest of this stuff – it can’t just be an intuition thing.  Because you know how sometimes something that feels like it isn’t working suddenly starts working?  Or how something that you are so sure is going to work all of a sudden doesn’t? Tracking your metrics will take some of the surprise out of those moments for you.

Plus it’s fun when the numbers show you your REAL PROGRESS (Sam says: I’ve increased my website hits by over 700% in the past few years, and I’ve grown my mailing list from about 700 to almost 7000….see? Isn’t that fun?!)

9) Consider the Growth of Your Project

How big or small do you want to get?  What’s the least amount of money you want to make?  Where are you resistant to growth?  Making a few quality decisions in advance about the growth of Your Project will save you hours of heartache later.

10) Celebrate!

If you never take time to celebrate, you will quickly get discouraged.  So schedule in frequent breaks, fun rewards and grin-inducing treats. Ask your Inner Nine-Year Old how he or she would like to celebrate your recent email blast, your new logo, your brave phone call.  Do you want to take a walk in the sunshine?  Visit with a friend?  Go antiquing?  (Sam says: I like to paint-by-numbers!  Really!)  (Steve says: Trip to the gym!  Or maybe some video games…no, wait – both!)

As you Get Your Work Out There , you will need to keep revisiting these ten steps.  After all, your creative efforts are not a destination, they are a process, and you need to stay in a dynamic relationship with them.

We hope these seven articles have been useful to you.

Remember: The World Needs Your Good Work.  (Now more than ever before!)


Thank you so much for participating in this series of articles.  Your emails, Facebook posts and Tweets have been wonderful. We have loved getting to know you and your projects, and we look forward to your success. Yours, Sam and Steve.

Steve Harper photographed by Mark Bennington

Steve Harper - YourCreativeLife.com

Samantha Bennett - photo by Mikel Healey

Remember - The World Needs Your Art

P.S. Still reading?  Then FOR SURE you need to just fill out the darn application already – it’s fun and it’ll only take 5 minutes and….you know you want to : ) www.GetYourWorkOutThere.com xoxo SSB.

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