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What if I try it but I don’t like it?

Generally speaking, I will cheerfully refund your money. Some of my higher-end programs do not offer a money-back guarantee because of the intensity, intimacy and the nature of the commitment that the program requires, but I always want you to feel like you are getting a GREAT deal.  If you ever feel like you aren’t getting your money’s worth, I want you to contact me and together we’ll figure out a way to make it right.


Sure. I mean, not to put too fine a point on it, but if I haven’t been of help to you, then honestly, I don’t really want your money.

Seems a little expensive…

Yes.  Because you are worth it. And so is this work.

What if I want to but I can’t afford it?

Honey, if you really want to do this, we’ll work out a plan that works for you.  I know you’re good for it.

And let’s put it this way – how much is it costing you to NOT be moving forward on your best work?

How much personal attention will I get in the Get It Done Workshop?

Lots.  There is always time set aside for questions, check-ins and announcements, plus you can nominate yourself to work with me one-on-one in front of the group.

What if some of my ideas are still in the “confidential” stage?

While the participants are each asked to honor the confidentiality of the group, and I’ve never had this be a problem, I can’t promise anything, so please use your own best judgment.

I’m not sure if your stuff is right for me – can we discuss it?

Of course. Call me at 818-468-0540 anytime.

Can I give you as a gift?

How thoughtful of you! Please call me at (805) 881-3699 and I can can email you a nice-looking gift certificate.

I’d rather work privately – is that OK?

Of course. Check out my private consultation page and we’ll create something that’s tailored just for you.

This would be great for my sales team/theatre company/church or religious group/arts organization….

I agree! Call me and we’ll set something up.

What if I need extra help?

I’ll be available via email any time and will always give you as much support as I can. Within reason, of course. Additional help and private make-up sessions are available for $750/session.

Are you ready to try something that might really work?


This is going to be fun.

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